Fluid Art!-Straight Pour-Stairway

Fluid Art!-Straight Pour-Stairway

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Sometimes you have to let the paint speak and adjust your plan. I originally was going to use my catalyst wedge but when I saw what was developing I let the paint speak. This reminds me of a stairway to heaven. A straight pour with reds and the sky has gold and pink shift. What do you think?

I primarily use paint brands:

My Pouring medium is 1 part paint a squirt of Liquitex gloss medium combine the two. Then 2 parts Floetrol and water to desired consistency.
I do not use any silicone.
I do not use house paint.

You can find the Princeton catalyst wedge at Blick Art https://www.dickblick.com/items/princeton-wedge-shape-2/

Music by Epidemicsound


I hope you find these videos inspirational, relaxing and therapeutic.

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