Drippity Drip Candle Holder Fluid Art | Acrylic Paint Pouring with Floetrol on Canvas

Drippity Drip Candle Holder Fluid Art | Acrylic Paint Pouring with Floetrol on Canvas

It turned out lovely 😍
I don’t have a precise recipe to share for this painting, as I was very free form, with how I mixed my paints. But I basically follow these guidelines:
1 part paint
3 parts Flood Floetrol

Because some of my paints were older and getting a bit thick, I added a tiny bit of water when needed. I personally enjoy mixing my own paints, but you can always try these techniques with pre-mixed paints. In the US, Flood floetrol is currently selling for around $18/gallon at Home Depot, as of the filming of this video. So it is still the most cost effective pouring medium for me. And, although the colors will soften a bit as it dries and it will turn from glossy to matte- it is my favorite paint additive for fluid art.
For those of you mixing your own paint, the main thing to consider, when doing a painting like this, is that the paints aren’t so thin that they will bleed into their neighbors. You can see as the paint flows out of the candle holder, it makes a little mound before it blends in with the rest of the colors.
I used a spinner/lazy Susan I bought a few years back at Lowes for stretch the composition. I really like that it has a silicone edge which generally keeps my canvases from flying off. I don’t use any kind of adhesion (and I don’t spin super fast).

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What is fluid art?
Fluid art painting AKA flow art, is an abstract, painting process, using liquified paints poured onto a surface. The most common paints used are acrylic paints, mixed with a pouring medium and/or water. There are also ready-made, pouring paints available, at many arts and crafts stores.

How long do the paintings take to dry?
About 3 days to be touchable and 30 days to cure before they can be varnished.

Do you have to use a pouring medium?
Yes- some form of pouring medium should be used to help liquify the paints. Although certain artists are able to only use water, it should be used sparingly. Acrylic paints are water-soluble and will break down when too much water is introduced. A good paint medium will maintain the integrity of the paint’s binders. On a molecular level, the acrylic paint and binder molecules will link together, forming a kind of honeycomb structure when it has fully cured.

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