Abstract Fluid Art ~ Cells & Stripes #acrylicpouring #tlp #fluidart #abstract

Abstract Fluid Art ~ Cells & Stripes #acrylicpouring #tlp #fluidart #abstract

#acrylicpouring #fluidart #bloomswipe #abstract #swipe
Hi guys! Thank you so much for being here ❤️

Today I’m working on a 13” MDF wood round.

British Paints Interior Low Sheen house paint in White, nothing added.
#tlp Ballet Slipper
TLP Blue Eyes
TLP Constellation
TLP pigments, silicone stir sticks and silicone pour mats can be purchased from https://fluid-art.co/
Jo Sonja Aqua
Pebeo Iridescent Blue Black mixed with Matisse Flow Dioxazine Purple

My pigments and tube paints are mixed with untinted (neutral) gloss house paint (water based) and Jo Sonja gloss varnish. In some countries you may need ‘Deep Base’ you’re looking for one without any (or a very small amount) of titanium white, or it will make your colours pastel.
Please see video #92 for how I mix my colours (both pigments and tubes).
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovlqWm_BOxw />
Cell Activator (CA):
Amsterdam Titanium White and Atelier Titanium White (equal parts of each).
Atelier Paynes Grey
They were both mixed with Australian Floetrol, no silicone was added or any other oils.
I never measure ratios, I mix until it leaves a slight trace when drizzled from around an inch above the surface. If I had to take a guess on the ratio it would be 2:1 or 2.5:1 (Floetrol to paint).

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My lazy susan is glass and 20” which was purchased from Coles supermarket, they can also be sourced from variety/dollar stores and on Amazon. The heavier the spinner, the easier it will spin, I’d also suggest you get the largest one you can so you can easily use it for larger substrates too.

My metal spatulas are artist palette knives, they can be purchased from https://fluid-art.co/ or independent art stores.

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